Prague was my first solo trip in June 2010, and I believe I was about 22. I had started law school the year previous and was about to complete my first year and decided I needed to treat myself. Something to help me celebrate finishing my first year of law school, I had been in full-time education and never had a break. I sat there thinking of all the places that I could go and which was cheap as well.

I stumbled across Prague and thought why not, not too far and pretty cheap. This was my first time booking a flight and hotel on my own with no guidance. I was quite nervous about the whole process.

As some would say a holiday is based mainly on the price of a flight, but I did have a lot of other factors to consider. As a Black British female living in a ‘multicultural society,’ I had to remember it’s not the same everywhere else and I had to consider this.

I researched into Prague as much as I could as a novice and considered I would be relatively safe and had nothing to worry about.


Hotel Amarilis

For a newbie reflecting I think I picked a pretty good hotel.

The hotel is located just off the main road where all the typical well-known shops are found, so I felt I was safe once I got there.

From my recollection my room was beautiful, and I felt I was in heaven!!! Could not complain about the service, they were good to me, treated me with respect, and I had no issues with anyone.

At the time I stayed at the hotel they had a spa, and I wanted to feel like a princess, so I booked myself in for a full body massage, and it was the first time I ever had on. Unfortunately, I do not recall the masseur’s name, but he was outstanding. My full body massage included my ears, toes and knees which was a shock to me at the time. I felt like jelly when it was completed that I struggled to walk back to my room and when I eventually made it I was out for the count.


As a novice, I was wary of travelling somewhere on my own and with an unknown company. Unfortunately, I don’t recall how I discovered Viator, but I am glad that I did. I have found other sites since then, which I discuss in other posts but I use Viator as a starting point for any trip.

I bought the Prague City Sightseeing Tour as I saw it was a way to get my bearings of the city and plan on the sites I had an interest in.

It stopped at the following places:

  • Masarykovo Nádraží
  • Mala Strana
  • Prague Castle
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Strahov Stadium
  • Kampa Island
  • Hlavní Nádraží

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is an ancient and iconic building in the Czech Republic, for this reason, I went there. It was an experience that I don’t recall too well as it was five years ago but I do remember being amazed at the beauty of the building. You can book a tour here, which I recommend.

Astronomical Clock



This is something I do remember…I discovered my fear of heights. Before entering the clock tower, I took some time to watch the clock for when it struck on the hour, and I was left in awe when the figurines came out. Apart from Big Ben, I hadn’t seen any clock towers or the like.

After spending about 10 minutes just watching the clock tower and slyly people watching I walked into the tower and climbed the stairs. Apart from being afraid of heights I did enjoy the views from the tower, it gave me a beautiful view that I was able to capture and appreciate the architecture of Prague. One of the reasons why I love to travel is to see the history and culture of a country.




I did experience a little bit of racism that I can say I noticed. It was in a local shop in the old market near a chocolate shop, as I walked in a worker literally followed me around the shop and didn’t even bother to be discrete about it. It was unfortunate as other shoppers were in there and he didn’t batter an eyelid. It made me incredibly uncomfortable that I looked him directly in the eye and just walked out and proceeded to another shop where I was not followed. It could have only been this particular shopkeeper may have had bad experiences with other black people, but I will never know and to be honest I never want to know. It did leave a bitter taste in my mouth, but I didn’t let it determine the rest of my trip.


The Big Questions

Would I visit it again? No

Why? Once is enough for me

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