I visited Egypt in 2008 before the height of the issues, and it was a trip I loved despite some of the ‘issues’ I had.

This was a first trip I had made to Africa without a family member as my heritage is Nigerian. Egypt was booked as an all-inclusive holiday, and when you’re new to the game, this is all you now. I call this lack of research. I will not complain about the package deal; it gave us what we needed a flight and decent hotel (of what I can remember of it). As with most packages, we stayed in the typical tourist resort of Sharma-el-Sheikh. The hotel was the standard, along the coast with pools, entertainment, bar and restaurants nothing to write home about.


As my previous posts I don’t remember a great deal of what I did and what happened, so a majority of this is based on pictures and what I can recall.

What I do recall about Egypt is the people, I found them extremely accommodating and friendly. However I did have one issue, which was some of the men in the market, I found them to be very forward and aggressively flirtatious. I didn’t take it to heart, but it did make me feel uncomfortable as I was not used to such behaviour. Now I take it in my stride as I learnt in other countries it’s just the way it is.

I did have one very uncomfortable experience in the Egyptian Museum, a gentleman I use this term loosely believed I looked like Cleopatra, and I fully well knew I didn’t. He followed me around the museum, at first I thought it was just me being paranoid but no matter where I went with the guide he was always there and before you think he must have been part of the group I rest assure you he was not. I did enjoy the museum and seeing all the artefacts I loved every moment of it.






It’s a shame I don’t remember much about The Sphinx apart from how huge it is was and the heat.


This was a pleasant experience apart from the boat didn’t sail down the Nile it was anchored in. We went in for a meal and because I don’t remember much about it I could not say the meal was lovely or nasty must have been average as I don’t recall it.


Pyramids of Giza


This is a must-see for anyone travelling to Egypt, what’s the point going if you don’t at least take a nosy at the pyramids. You may like it you may not but at least try it once.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go inside any of the pyramids due to breathing problems, and I did not want to put my health at risk by placing myself in a hot confined space. I was able to ride a camel, and I loved it, I would happily do it again!

My one regret is I did not go to Luxor.

Despite what is going on now in Egypt we shouldn’t forget Egyptians are lovely, they are accommodating and can charm your socks off. Do not tar all Egyptians and their country for a minority when you would hate it if it were you.



The Big Questions

Would I go back? Yes

Why? There is so much to see in Egypt such as Luxor and now I am more travel mature I would appreciate it more.

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