Fun Fact: “Frankfurt has the world’s largest book fair.”

It was a Black Friday deal too good to refuse; return to Frankfurt with Ryanair, only £4. With this being cheaper than my usual commute to work (one way), it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I spent more on airport transfers than I did on the flight.

With a full day to explore, morning to morning, I was sure I was onto a winner.

To save cash, I decided to stay in the airport rather than checking into a pricey airport hotel the night before my flight. After turning up and passing through security, I found a seat and became engrossed in my book ‘Restaurant Babylon’.

In usual Ryanair fashion, we landed at Frankfurt-Hahn (not the main or closest airport), if you don’t mind the hour and forty-five-minute coach journey it’s worth it to save money. For me, the journey was enjoyable as it gave me the opportunity to see some of the interesting areas out skirting Frankfurt that you usually wouldn’t see.


Hop On, Hop Off.

From past experiences I have found that the hop on, hop off bus is a fantastic way to get around the city and is useful as a way to find your bearings. I have found that whatever blogs and guides tell you about the size of a city, it is all subjective, and you need to see it and test it for yourself.

I purchased my ticket from Expedia, which instructed ‘look for a blue bus’, not helpful advice considering they are red, and a bit rickety.

During the bus journey, I discovered that Frankfurt is small enough to visit all the sites of interest within a 20-minute slow walk. I spotted this sticker on the bus, and it made me giggle:

IMG_0694 (1)

The main positive of the bus was, without a hotel to chill out in, it gave me the opportunity to get off my feet during the day.


The Locals

My experience with the locals was a mixed bag. I found a lot of black men were not tactile in the way they stared at me. They were in no way discreet and would stare directly into my eyes, I could often feel them watching me, and it made me feel uncomfortable.



On the other hand, when sat by myself eating currywurst and pommes (spicier than I anticipated), I was approached by an older gentleman (Mr Wolfgang) for a conversation. He asked me what I was reading, and after some discussion, I learnt he was a teacher of 18th Century European History and enjoys the orchestra.  As I was talking to Mr Wolfgang he seemed lonely to me, I could not explain it, but it is how I felt speaking to him, so we continued talking, and he told me a bit more about his life.

I did also notice that people generally didn’t move out the way when you said excuse my GCSE German coming in hand “Entschuldigen” or me, but this reminds me of London and the weekday rush.


Thoughts on Frankfurt

I have to be honest it was boring to me. Frankfurt felt like Bank, Moorgate and Canary Wharf rolled all into one, although I do appreciate that I didn’t go when the Christmas Market was in full swing. I also understand Frankfurt is Germany’s financial centre. I generally don’t like going to a country just because it has a famous annual event, but I love to go when there is nothing planned so you can see it when it’s not in its fancy dress.

Despite me finding Frankfurt to be unfulfilling and not interesting, I do believe it is a beautiful city with a great history. I stopped by the Goethe Museum, Alter Oper and a few other places, unfortunately, I didn’t go inside as it was not in line with my budget for this trip.



Ebert’s Suppenstube

Groβe Bockenheimer Str. (Fressgass) 31, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

I stopped by Ebert’s Suppenstube, a local butcher shop which is a local favourite serving a range of food to satisfy the palate of anyone. I ordered a wurst in a roll with ketchup. I was pretty unsure what I wanted, and the woman who served me wasn’t amiable but could have been the time I went.



Central Park Corner Café

Stopped by here for a hot chocolate and took a moment to relax and gather my thoughts. The service was outstanding but a little bit pricey than a typical local café.





The Big Questions

Would I go back? No.

Why? I simply did not find it interesting.

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