Solo Travelling

A list of tips, ideas and thoughts which I think would be beneficial to the solo traveller. The above picture was of me when I was Boston taken by a lady I met on a free walking tour. (List will be updated as I think of more).

  • You are never alone when you travel unless you chose to ostracise yourself.


  • When checking TripAdvisor for reviews about hotels always look at the solo travellers. Hoteliers sometimes treat solo travellers worse than those as a couple and a group and sometimes the other way round.


  • Embrace the culture you are in; locals will think you are of them if you do not turn up to their way of living.


  • The dreaded single person supplement. Call the hotel or travel agency especially during low season to haggle for a cheaper rate.


  • Keep your senses about you, do not walk down alleyways where there is hardly anyone, stick to crowds.


  • Talk to people; there are a lot of good people out there who will show you places to eat and what to do for free.


  • Listen to your gut instincts, if something is not right then it is NOT right.


  • Learn a few phrases in the local dialect such as thank you, hello, excuse me, please how do I get to…. where is the… It goes a long way and tries not to sound like a tourist when speaking.


  • In places like Africa, Asia and some parts of North America if there isn’t a price haggle! Majority of the time there is the local price and the tourist price, you do not want to pay the tourist price. If you don’t feel comfortable haggling, look for a local and see how much they pay for something you want and aim for that price straight away.


  • Make sure someone has a copy of your itinerary, there is always the possibility you may not stick to it, but in case of emergencies they will have a rough idea where you are. My personal favourite is


  • No one can make you happy on your solo trip apart from you.


  • Do NOT wait for others to travel, take the plunge and begin your journey.


  • Make use of GuideAdvisor, its is a rich source of information. Supporting local people in supporting their city and the opportunity to discover unusual facts and new places to eat.


  • Talk to new people where ever you go, they are an excellent source of information and will show you new areas to see, places to eat and things to do for free.


  • When solo travelling doesn’t absorb yourself in a good book but embrace what is around you and take it in.


  • Discover your strengths and use it to create your perfect trip.


  • Always have a cover story for when you feel uncomfortable around people to protect yourself.

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  1. Really good tips!


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