China – 4 of 4

Xi’an Fun Fact – The Silk Road starts from Xi’an City

Whoop it has taken a few months, but we have finally made it to the final instalment of China. Well, I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far. I would have to say Xi’an had much to offer but at the same time, it did not. My sole purpose for being there was for the Terracotta Warriors after falling in love with The Mummy, and I’m referring to the Brendan Fraser version. Yes, I know Terracotta Warriors did not manifest until The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and as I am typing, you can guess what I’m watching.


Days Inn Xi’an Hanguang

I loved this hotel and can never forget the experience I had here, the view not so great, but the room was my first experience of China’s 3-star. My room had a rainforest shower and a standalone bathtub, I wasn’t sure which one to use, so I used both! Why not?! Got to live a little. The bed was huge and comfortable with more than ample storage bigger than what I had at home. It’s a shame but also a good thing I did not spend too much time in my room otherwise it would have been a waste of a journey.


Terracotta Warriors

I don’t think words can describe the excitement I felt when I finally made it the Terracotta Warriors. The whole way there I was extremely excited and bouncing in my seat, I was so eager that I was the first one off the minibus.

Oh, I was met by thousands of tourists and please don’t think I am exaggerating there were so many people. However, it did not dampen my spirits of coming face to face with the Warriors. Finally, inside the hall, I was in awe, or maybe I was in love with this piece of history. To think they were created 2200 years ago to protect the tomb of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Husang di and discovered in 1974 by accident.

Some of the Warriors were in such good condition that I still could not wrap my head around them being over 2200 years old. Ignoring the mass crowds, the push and tug to get close to the Warriors, you cannot fail to appreciate the magnitude of what you are looking at.

There is a second part of the museum which has the warriors with their horses in the same location facing the tomb. I wish I could describe what I saw in words but I can’t so I will leave you with a few pictures. I became trigger happy and took over 300 so here are my best.



Banpo Neolithic Museum

I will be honest I do not remember much about the Banpo Neolithic Museum, I was too consumed by the Terracotta Warriors which you have probably figured by now. Instead, here’s information about the museum. It is an archaeological site discovered in 1953 and contains remains of several wells organised Neolithic settlements and is associated with the Yangshao culture.

Bullet train

Cannot believe I have failed to mention this in my previous posts. The Bullet Train! The spacing in standard class was terrific; I was able to put my suitcase in front of me and stretch my legs without touching the other seat. Hold, the puns about the shortness of my legs! British trains you have nothing on them.

More Pictures



The Big Questions

Would I go back? No

Why? I fulfilled my dream of seeing the Terracotta Warriors.

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