Route 66 – Show Me Missouri

Fun Fact: Missouri means wooden canoe people

I wish I could remember how long it took us to reach Missouri but all I remember was eating Cheetos and singing to Whitney Houston very badly. Hitting those high notes are not for me and I should stick to my day job.

St. Louis

“It’s getting hot in here” where Nelly is from. I am going to be as diplomatic as possible but I didn’t enjoy St. Louis, maybe it was because of the heat or we saw it as a rest stop. I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, I found it boring and we were unable to find much to do. I may be wrong, it could have been the time we got there or we simply didn’t look well enough.


We did stumble across Sugarfire Smokehouse after asking directions from a man who I can only assume was drunk, but nevertheless we listened to him. This place was busy and I mean extremely busy in terms people were saving seats while others queued or hovering over tables waiting for customers to finish. I have to say the food was really good, I had ribs, fries and corn. The corn was something else it was so delicious and I could have eaten it all day. The ribs were succulent, juicy and tender. I would recommend Sugarfire if you are ever in St. Louis.




Is famous for Munger Moss Motel before I explain the significance of this motel, I need to get this off my chest. The woman in reception was plain rude, we asked if we could use the toilet and instead of saying a polite no its for customers/guests only she literally told us off and went off on one. I was so disappointed at this point we had met kind people and to be frank this is motel is well known because of Route 66 and shouldn’t be surprised by our question, there was no need to be aggressive. However, I did not allow it to taint the rest of our trip.

The Motel opened in 1946 and is famous for its neon sign which can be seen for miles at night and during the day. Despite this sign can be seen for miles we still took the wrong turn but if we just used ours eyes, we would have seen it, instead of heavily relying on Navimii. On reflection, there were signs telling us where to go but we failed to see them.




Hurts Donut Best donuts I have ever had!



Jesse James Museum

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this museum, I had no idea what to expect I just wanted to know a bit more about Jesse James as it was part of Route 66. I was a bit apprehensive when I first walked in as it looked incredibly small but it worked for this museum and I came out realising Jesse James is not as bad as he has been portrayed (shock horror…lol).


Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven 

I will just put it out there, this is a novelty hotel. Plain and Simple, generating patrons from Route 66 such as ourselves. Upon entering the hotel, you step back into 1950’s and spot the old-school gas pumps, Chevy’s and themed reception. Just for the sake of novelty I would recommend visiting this hotel just don’t do what I did and lock us out the room.




Skies are fair in Kansas, clouds are rare in Kansas..

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