Route 66 – Bleeding Kansas


Fun Fact: Kansas has the shortest section of the Mother Road with only 13 miles

Also, there are three segments along Route 66 which you should try and see if you can, they are Baxter Springs, Galena and Riverton. I will put my hands up now; we were not able to see all three because we had no idea where we were going or didn’t know what we were looking for. Yes, I know there is Google, but paying £4.99 a day for data roaming, no thank you.

I’ll get this out of the way now, no we did not follow the yellow brick road nor did we see the wicked witch of the west or flying monkeys.

We did follow a yellow road at one point.



This was the old section of Route 66 where the road was still bumpy and very dated, it appeared frozen in time. After some directions and a lot of wrong turns, (America, you have way too many one-way streets for us Brits, I thought ours were terrible) we eventually found it. We finally found the truck which inspired Disney Pixar’s Cars. As luck turned out Kan-O-Tex Gas Station next to the truck was closed. Whoop another closed business. Made no difference we still had fun. We took a couple of snaps and wondered around.

As we were walking I heard some noises coming from a patch of land between two buildings; I pulled my friend away in case something jumped out. I have now learnt it was crickets…

I have to say it was sad to see a town frozen in town for the sake of tourists; there were a vast amount of empty shops. When we were able to peek inside them, it was clear there had been left for decades upon decades, which we also noticed about other places along the Route.



Eisler Brothers Old Riverton Store

The former owner still worked in the store, but it had been passed to his son. The former owner was celebrating his 94th birthday the day we visited. I have to give him his dues, 94 and still working and happy too. He told us he is not working for the money but to meet new people every day, now that is beautiful. Can you believe the store has been there longer than the 94-year-old man?

Walking into that store, we were transported to the 1970’s, and it was evident some of the items have never moved since the dawn of man. It was a bizarre shop but at the same time unique. It is clear the store has been treated like a landmark for the Route, and all owners have maintained it for the sake of tourism.

I know this is a short piece but our visit in Kansas was very short!




But once again I’ll be in Oklahoma 

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