Route 66 – Oklahoma Legends

Fun Fact: Quapaw, the first town on the Mother Road in Oklahoma, is famous for “spooklights”, bouncing bright balls of white fire that have been reported as far back as the 1700s.

The visit to Oklahoma was very brief, for me, it was a quick rest stop overnight before we moved on to more exciting things.

When we finally arrived in Oklahoma, we spent over 25 minutes searching for our hotel. We drove around the building many times, and you’re probably thinking, how can you miss something you’re driving around. Well, this hotel had shut down and at the time and had been for a while including at the time of our booking. I have no idea what happened if they failed to inform or forgot to take it down. However, I have to give dues where it is deserved, and sorted it out pretty quick, they took the listing down and refunded us the extra we had to pay for our new hotel.

We ended up staying at the Courtyard Oklahoma City Northwest. We were fortunate to get this hotel. HOWEVER, there was one problem I had with this place, and that was the ants in the bathroom. For some reason, they were running around the bathroom rent free, and we couldn’t find the source. Considering we were tired and it was just for the night it was no big deal for us.


National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

I had so much fun at this museum I felt like a kid in a playground, and I would happily do it again. When we got there, we were greeted by a lovely senior woman. She had been volunteering at the museum for some years and gave us a quick run-down of the place. We were very fortunate the museum was quiet, and we had free reign of the museum. I would recommend everyone to visit even if you don’t like cowboys; you’ll probably find something fun to do or look at, I did lol.





Route 66 Museum

Along Route 66 you will find many museums dedicated to Route 66 and the world is your oyster for whichever one you go to. Click here for our choice.




The Meadow Gold sign was ionic along the Route as a reminder to people they were going the right way.



Texas, Our Texas    

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