Bring Back Malta

Fun Fact: Calypso Cave is said to be the cave that Homer wrote about in The Odyssey.

Malta is a big, beautiful island but at the same time it is very small. When we landed at the airport, through my gut instincts I knew I was going to like this country. The trip to Malta was a Father’s Day gift to my father.

I have to say, Malta is expensive for us here in the UK, at the time I went in June 2017, the pound was pretty weak against the euro. This meant it was very easy to overspend and not realise it.




Rolling Geeks

This company hires out self-drive electric cars which you can use to explore parts of the island with a very nifty iPad. The iPad links backed to the office and they track your movements. If you ended up going off course, they automatically call you on the iPad to get you back on the right course. We took “A Tale of Three Cities” which I would recommend.

At one point we did take the wrong turning and I have no idea where it took us but we ended up at this nice building which gave us a spectacular view of the ocean.

I must add that getting used to driving the self-drive electric car takes a short while; I would recommend finding a car park and practising a little bit.




Post British Empire

Yes – I know Malta is a separate country, but as we were exploring I sensed that Malta was still part of the British Empire; I noticed they drive on the left-hand side of the road, the red post boxes and some of the mannerisms. I felt this was a shame, I’m aware that other cultures have been part of Malta for many years but it’s sad when they leave that a part of them still lingers, and that—in a sense—Malta’s true history has slowly disappeared. I feel British colonialism has gone, and when they left, they took parts of Malta.

Even though I mentioned colonialism, I noticed there was a mix of African, Spanish and British influence which showed diversity and, in a world, where we need more diversity.



One thing I noticed was that you don’t see kids playing out late, they’re just not there.

I could sense the government was trying to achieve many things at the same time, for example you see regeneration, but at the same time you see they are trying to remove traces of the British Empire. I personally hope they do and show the world what Malta really is.

I have to say the driving in Malta is something else, and I mean something else. They are a law unto themselves and drive with no care in the world. I would never be able to drive in this country, for fear of causing an accident. However, at the same time they are so used to this way of driving that it is normal for them, and there is no changing their organised chaos.

There are a lot of cats; it reminded me of Peru where they had a lot of stray dogs. The cats in Malta and dogs in Peru are very similar because they never come towards you or touch you.

Places of interest

Upper Barrakka Gardens


The Citadel, St George’s Basilica


Would I go back? No

Why? No reason.

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